Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Instant Street Cred: Jada's House Raided

You can't BUY this kind of Publicity:
Two associates of Jadakiss were arrested yesterday (August 24) after being busted with six pounds of marijuana, five grams of heroin and $42,000 in cash, reports The Journal News.

Patrick Heig, local beat writer, had this to say when breaking the story to the Wolf Pack Press Desk, "Cops came to the house,
found 5 g's of H in the couch, and 6.5 lbs of green hiding in the can like oscar the grouch..."

According to the paper, one of the men, Gabriel R. Henriquez, 39, had a room in Jada’s leased waterfront apartment in Yonkers, where police found the money and the drugs.

Lieutenant Joseph Monaco told the Journal that Kiss “is not wanted at this time.”

The incident started when police smelled marijuana coming from the car of Alberto Lajara, 25, the other man who was arrested in the case. While police were questioning Henriquez, who was also in the vehicle, he reportedly got nervous and ran from the car. Authorities were able to catch him, and that’s when they learned he was staying with Jada. They quickly obtained a search warrant and after checking Henriquez’s room found the contraband.

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