Thursday, July 30, 2009

eBay - Fake it till You Make It: Balmain Leather Jacket

Part of Balmain's 2009 Fall / winter collection, this jacket features leather with black ribbing and a fur collar, available now at colette for $4908...

The argument could be made, no offense to the people at Balmain, that this jacket is just a fancy version of a Military issued A-2 Flight Jacket, made by Schott. You could purchase the jacket below for $468 thru Schott, netting you roughly $4,400 in savings in comparison to the Balmain Jacket.

Or you could do what I did last winter, and get a Schott A-2 (or G-1) flight jacket on eBay (like the one shown below) for under $50.

Net $ Not Wasted: $4,858.

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