Thursday, July 23, 2009

Out of Business - Economy Strikes Again!

Union NYC went out of business today. It's not clear whether the unbelievable staff of assholes that worked there had anything to do with it.

Nort closed last month... always liked this place. They actually just opened up a wherehouse where they sell clothes and kicks for next to nothing, dubbed Brooklyn Wherehouse, across the street from my house.

Stackhouse closed a few months back... that was a great store. Good staff, good stuff, good while it lasted.

Clientele bit the dust too, all their shoes were on consignment... but they had decent gear. They played it smart and opened a store online.

Hopefully Union will be the end of it... if Nom De Guerre goes out of business I'm moving back to SF.


  1. to blackwatchstudio: you might be right... it's wierd b/c tons of sources say they closed, for example see here:

    but on Union's website, , they say they're moving...

    thanks for the insight... we'll see what happens.

  2. Perhaps you need to get your facts right about union? Or at least correct them?

  3. At "Anonymous" - another source, listed here:
    says that Union has closed and is now turning in to a Stussy store. Stussy... not Union. Union is Closed.