Monday, July 27, 2009

FREE Saturday

After a Friday night filled with malt liquor and bourbon, we somehow managed to wake up early enough to head over to the 8th annual Adidas Fanatic Soccer tourney at Chelsea Pier...

Ended up being a great decision... weather was beautiful, hot as hell AND Unlimited FREE Heineken, BBQ and Ice Cream.

GB soakin up that humidity on the astroturf.

E.D. was working at the Gansevoort, so after the tourney, I headed over to get some FREE drink tickets for the rooftop bar.

Was like a hot-chicks-with-douchebags convention in there... Everybody was standing on something, and every 30 seconds a Dbag would give out a D-whistle.

Later that night, hooked up E.D.
Salsa dancin' in the streets, BIG EDDY STYLE.
And people say NYC is expensive...

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